Electronic Access Foundation (EAF)

The computers you no longer use can still have a HUGE impact!

e-access.org a 100% volunteer managed, non-profit 501c3 organization established in 0000 for the purpose of collecting donated surplus electronic equipment and repurposing viable equipment to other qualified non-profit organizations working with the low income, veteran and disabled populations.

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EAF Mission Statement

EAF solicits and accepts donations from local, regional and national businesses, schools and government agencies of their surplus electronic equipment including laptops, desktops, tablets, servers, flat screen monitors, audio visual, security, telecommunications equipment, cell phones and more. EAF provides donors an alternative to recycling equipment which remains viable and provides proper recycling of outdated and damaged equipment through certified R2 e-steward partners.

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Electronic Access Foundation, Digitunity & AFTRR.org

AFTRR.ORG (Alliance for Technology Refurbishing & Reuse) is a project of the Digitunity (formerly the National Cristina Foundation), a 501c3 established over 35 years ago and charged with the mission to promote technology reuse and encourage the donation of technology to non-profit partners throughout the United States. Electronic Access Foundation is a founding member of AFTRR.ORG and is committed to the AFTRR member values pledge.

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