What if the Computers we no longer use... Could change people’s lives? See where your
donations go!
EAF Gives Your Computers a Second Life and Someone Else the Opportunity to Connect and Learn

Electronic Access Foundation (EAF) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization established for the purpose of donating surplus electronic equipment to other qualified charitable organizations in need. EAF obtains donations through partnership with corporations, universities, and organizations by offering them an alternative to recycling of their surplus electronic equipment including; desktops, laptops, servers, tablets, cell phones, flat screens & more!

A Record Setting Year in 2022

0 Organizations Served
0 Pieces of Equipment Donated
0 Pounds of Equipment Properly Recycled

What We Did in 2021

0 Organizations Served
0 Pieces of Equipment Donated
0 Pounds of Equipment Properly Recycled

Donating surplus electronics can save the earth and change people’s lives. Find out how you can help today.

Our Mission


When you donate to EAF you are keeping one less computer or cell phone from begin thrown in a landfill. EAF works to remanufacture all items that it receives to guarantee a new home for someone in need.

Not only will you be saving the earth, you will be earning valuable tax credits for yourself or your organization. Unlike other recyclers who pay cents on the pound, our team will give fair market value for items donated. This will significantly increase the value of your items.

Help EAF Give back to the community by donating your cell phones, computers, and laptops. If you have recently upgraded equipment or have spare items around the office, please donate today. Items received will be distributed to those in need.

Items Donated

Desktops 66%
Laptops 22%
Cell Phones 5%
Tablets 4%
Miscellaneous 3%
  • Serving and Supporting Non-Profits across the USA

    We donate working computers and laptops to people and organizations who have nothing. It is our goal to help anyone that cannot afford electronic devices.

  • R2 Certified Secure Data Sanitization

    We wipe all data from your hard drives if you decide to donate at no additional cost.

  • Tax Deduction

    We provide tax deductions for fair market value of your donated equipment. Put those credits back to use in your company every time you upgrade your equipment.

  • Removal of Equipment

    We will pick up your donated equipment at no additional cost. We will coordinate a pickup time that works for you.