Our Process

Electronic Access Foundation (EAF), is a 100% volunteer managed, non-profit 501c3 organization established in 0000 for the purpose of collecting donated surplus electronic equipment and repurposing viable equipment to other qualified non-profit organizations working with the low income, veteran and disabled populations. Donor businesses, schools and government agencies can direct EAF to the direction which they would like to see their donated equipment go to.

These organizations must be registered with Digitunity. EAF solicits and accepts donations from local, regional and national businesses, schools and government agencies of their surplus electronic equipment including laptops, desktops, tablets, servers, flat screen monitors, audio visual, security, telecommunications equipment, cell phones and more.

EAF provides donors an alternative to recycling equipment which remains viable and provides proper recycling of outdated and damaged equipment through certified R2 e-steward partners. Our primary goal is always to reuse but also to keep this material from our landfills and solid-waste facilities.

Upon receipt of equipment, we evaluate for reuse, recycling or destruction according to the donor’s desires.

Laptops stacked together
Stack of video cards

Removal of Surplus Equipment

In most cases, EAF offers free pickup and removal of current surplus, working equipment. If EAF is going to incur a cost to remove working equipment or is requested to clean out, damaged and outdated equipment, we may request a financial donation to cover our costs and time. There is a cost to our organization to properly dispose of items like CRT monitors, tube televisions and large printers which we will pass along at our cost to the donor. Any costs associated with removal of equipment will be quoted in advance of pickup.

Your donation can impact someone in need

We Offer Data Sanitation or Destruction

Electronic Access Foundation can wipe any computer hard drives and provide a certificate of data destruction insuring that your data was destroyed according to all DoD guidelines. EAF will also accept the donation of computers with previously wiped hard drives as well as computers donated without hard drives.

Close up of a hard drive
Tax forms on table

We Offer A Tax Deduction Receipt

As a recognized 501c3, Electronic Access Foundation will provide you a receipt for you donated equipment. Per IRS regulations, we do not declare a value for your equipment but we can recommend to donors, how to determine “fair market value” for their donation.

Your donation can impact someone in need

OS Reloading To Our Donation Recipients

For the non-profit organization we donate the equipment to, Electronic Access Foundation will offer or provide several options to install a new Operating System on the hard drives which best suits the needs of the receiving organization.

Computer screen with operating system being installed