We use two methods: DOD standard 1-3-7 passes of 0’s and 1’s ensuring all information is removed and the hard drive is still usable or a degausser (electromagnet)  3 passes over this machine and removing the board making the Hard Disc Drive (HDD) unusable.
  1. We prefer the first method so we may reuse the components
  2. The donor may keep them if they really don’t want them to be used
  3. We can contact our partners that are R2 certified but they will be charged for the services

Quite a few but here are some examples:

  1. National Cristina Foundation
  2. Families and Communities Together
  3. Alternatives
  4. Middle Earth
  1. Inventory at secure facility
  2. Testing to determine condition and value for donor
  3. Data sanitation and reloading  in accordance with Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program.

We require 1 GB Of RAM and at least 60 GB Hard disc drive (HDD)


Yes, we are happy to receive donations of any sort even if they are not complete.

  • No, data wipe is no charge.  Typically asset management companies charge $20 per item with auditing fees
  • We provide tracking docs to prove complete data destruction

No the removal of the material is all us. We have 24’ box trucks at our disposal as well as 45’ containers in the event the material is already palletized.

Yes, we have the material handling equipment to complete almost any task. At no cost to the donor.

Yes , the recent shutdown of XP support will not have an effect on that type of equipment for donations.

We only require the donation to be viable meaning if you have 5 laptops valued at $200 we will come get them.  If you have 30 printers without ink that is a situation we would have to discuss the situation . If you have a combination of material that is working and nonworking  we can figure out a plan to help with the situation.

As many as you need to there are no set standards of figures for how much tonnage or the frequency that any one donor can help the more the better.

Not necessarily it all depends on equipment type and location usually we are capable of loading without any issues as long as the initial inventory is current and accurate.