Electronic Access Foundation Inc.

When you donate to EAF we work hard not only to protect your data but also to find your old technology a new home. When you donate we coordinate a pickup from your office. There is never a cost to donate items to EAF. EAF is committed to the protection your data. By wiping all devices using secure sanitation powered by Techmore we adhere to the Department Of Defense (DOD) standard. This method wipes the HDD 3 times to make absolutely sure there is no data left on the drives. We also provide electronic reporting that you can show your management team to ensure data deletion standards are being met.

Upon receiving donated equipment we wipe all data and then install Microsoft Windows on the machines. If equipment is need of repair we refurbish/repair in-house.

Once all machines are reset back to factory specifications, EAF calls upon their many partners to seek out redistribution of the assets. We provide a service to the community through our redistribution of quality equipment. All the computers that have been donated to EAF are tested and refurbished Microsoft Registered Refurbisher standards.

How We Do It

  • Removal of Surplus Equipment

    We provide removal of electronic equipment inventory

  • Data Sanitation

    We provide secure sanitation powered by Techmore

  • Reporting

    We provide electronic reporting that is hard drive specific about sanitation status and methods

  • Reloading

    We provide options to install Microsoft Windows as a Windows Authorized OEM Distributor, or other software as requested

  • Refurbishing

    We provide the ability to rejuvenate equipment within the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Guidelines

  • Redistribute

    We provide a service to the community through our redistribution of quality equipment that has been donated to EAF and put to testing of existing Microsoft and DBan standards. We also offer a portion or equipment for sale on open markets to help cover operation costs.


When you donate to EAF you are keeping one less computer or cell phone from being thrown in a landfill. EAF works to remanufacture all items that it receives to guarantee a new home for someone in need.

Not only will you be saving the earth, you will be earning valuable tax credits for yourself or your organization. Unlike other recyclers who pay cents on the pound, our team will give fair market value for items donated. This will significantly increase the value of your items.

Help EAF Give back to the community by donating your cell phones, computers, and laptops. If you have recently upgraded equipment or have spare items around the office, please donate today. Items received will be distributed to those in need.

What We’ve Done

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