When a business is ready to turn over its computer equipment and upgrade to the latest systems, recycling is often the first thought. Recycling used computers is a good idea, granted, much better than a one-way trip to the landfill, but there’s a much better approach: used computer remarketing.

Remarketing is about extracting more value
The idea behind remarketing is that most computers, especially those sourced from a corporate environment, have more life left in them than one might think. This is a result of two thoughts: Corporate environments tend to take much better care of their IT assets, and many companies take pride in staying on the cutting edge of technology, so they’ll replace computers on a fairly brisk 3-5 year cycle.

In general corporate computers are newer and in better overall shape, and will therefore have much more value. You’ve spent a good deal of money on IT equipment and have taken good care of it. It’s an asset, and you should be able to recoup some of those assets on your way to upgrading.

Is Your First Instinct to Recycle?
When you choose to recycle your used computers you end up paying someone to wipe the equipment clean and haul away the computers to a recycling center. This can be monetarily and environmentally wasteful as you pay for the removal of something you’ve already paid for once!

Think Computer Remarketing
Used computer remarketing service providers will take your used computer equipment, wipe the data clean, refurbish the equipment, and give you a tax benefit based on the current value of the equipment. Good vendors have established channels of schools and charities who are looking for just the kind of equipment you may be currently paying someone else to dispose of.

Go with the Best
E-Access has been an industry leader in IT asset recovery and remarketing for nearly 20 years. Find out how much of your IT investment we can recycle right back into your company’s pocket!

How We Do It

  • Removal of Surplus Equipment

    We provide removal of electronic equipment inventory

  • Data Sanitation

    We provide secure sanitation powered by Techmore

  • Reporting

    We provide electronic reporting that is hard drive specific about sanitation status and methods

  • Reloading

    We provide options to install Microsoft Windows as a Windows Authorized OEM Distributor, or other software as requested

  • Refurbishing

    We provide the ability to rejuvenate equipment within the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Guidelines

  • Redistribute

    We provide a service to the community through our redistribution of quality equipment that has been donated to EAF and put to testing of existing Microsoft and DBan standards. We also offer a portion or equipment for sale on open markets to help cover operation costs.


When you donate to EAF you are keeping one less computer or cell phone from being thrown in a landfill. EAF works to remanufacture all items that it receives to guarantee a new home for someone in need.

Not only will you be saving the earth, you will be earning valuable tax credits for yourself or your organization. Unlike other recyclers who pay cents on the pound, our team will give fair market value for items donated. This will significantly increase the value of your items.

Help EAF Give back to the community by donating your cell phones, computers, and laptops. If you have recently upgraded equipment or have spare items around the office, please donate today. Items received will be distributed to those in need.

Percentage of Donations by Product

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