Too Poor To Afford The Internet

In NYC right now there are 2 million people that cannot afford to pay for internet service. Lines are out the door at libraries, and even during cold winter months kids are outside schools using a weak signal to get online on weekends. At an average cost of $55 per month, the cost of internet service is simply not an option. We are now seeing more efforts from partners such as Comcast and Google, but we need more action to truly solve this problem.

This article speaks to the situation, as well as the efforts of the FCC to help push this agenda forward.

“Last year, the Federal Communications Commission reaffirmed what these students already knew: Access to broadband is necessary to be a productive member of society. In June, a federal appeals court upheld the commission’s authority to regulate the internet as a public utility.”

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The Electronic Access Foundation is excited to see the relentless efforts made by organizations like Comcast to end the Digital Divide by providing low-cost internet access and increasing digital literacy to low-income families.

The Electronic Access Foundation is positioned to help close this Digital Divide by supplying the computer equipment to the low-income families. We accomplish this through a process of donations of viable computer equipment that businesses do not need. Through our process of refurbishing and remarketing of the equipment, we can restore the equipment to good use for low-income families as part of the HUD’s ConnectHome program.

We encourage New Jersey, New York and Eastern Pennsylvania corporations and businesses to contact us regarding the donation of viable computer equipment. Let’s all work together with Comcast and the HUD’s ConnectHome program to close the gap of the Digital Divide and increase digital literacy for low-income families.

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