What to Do with Your Old Laptop? Donate it to EAF

What to Do with Your Old Laptop? Donate it to EAF

This is a great article that highlights the situation that we are living with. Here at EAF, we are happy to be part of such a great cause and this article mentions the National Cristina Foundation that we are part of. Please Contact Us today if you find yourself after Christmas with an older computer that you no longer need! We will accept your donation, and give you a tax credit!

“So many of our children today come home from school with homework that has to be done online,” says Harry Rizer, CEO of the National Cristina Foundation. “If the family doesn’t have a computer, they have to take the kid to the library every night and stand in line until it’s their turn. And if the library closes, they’re out of luck.”

That “digital divide” stretches way beyond childhood, too. These days, it’s impossible to apply for a job at McDonald’s without access to a computer and broadband.

Even a 5- or 6-year-old computer can be given a “second life” in a new home, says Rizer. To locate a nearby nonprofit in need of equipment, you can check out the hundreds of pre-screened organizations listed on the National Cristina Foundation website.

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