E-waste and Sustainability

Electronic waste  recycling management and sustainability are one in the same. I am not crazy. haha!! Let me explain, a sustainable practice is something that can continue without interference for an indefinite amount of time. Sustainability is the capacity to endure(thanks Wiki) all the efforts to find better ways to dispose of items that have reached the end of their life or use for that individual or entity. Why can’t we use them forever? Built in obsolescence or just plain old obsolescence…Products are born to fail or eventually a better version is created and everyone wants new! This is okay and the reason being is that it gives savvy people such as EAF an opportunity to use the recently updated organizations “old” stuff creating a perfect situation where they (the company) are rid of their unwanted items and hundreds of Families and charities are then able to move forward in the realm of technology. Perfect I know. Now the issue at hand… we need stuff! Namely surplus electronics for donation. If you or someone you know has 5 or more computers,laptops,old cell phones,or other electronics we would love to hear from you!!!!

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