Corporate IT Computer Donation

For large organizations, the disposition of assets can be complicated and risky. Every computer, server, storage system, tablet, smart phone or other IT device being decommissioned can pose a data security risk and environmental hazard.

We believe that a company’s most valuable asset is its reputation. Our global IT asset disposition (ITAD) solutions help protect a client’s brand through strict data security and compliance with all environmental regulations, all while ensuring that reuse and remarketing value is maximized. In addition, our team of experienced, knowledgeable ITAD experts is focused on creating flexible, locally managed, transparent programs customized for each of our clients. So day-to-day activity is easier to manage and measure, and more reliable. For many Fortune 1000 companies around the world, we are the ideal solution for secure IT asset disposal.

Donate laptops, Network Servers, desktops, workstations and more!

Bulk computer donations and office electronics make up about 65% of the computer donations we receive. Is your business about to upgrade your office electronic equipment and now looking for a way to rid yourself of your used computer equipment? We make it easy to Donate surplus computers, laptops, servers, workstations, LCD flat-panel monitors, notebooks, routers, servers, iPad, VOIP phones and network switches. Donate your used, excess, and surplus bulk computers for a Current Market Value Tax Deduction and make an amazing difference to the organizations and families we support throughout the program.


How We Do It

  • Removal of Surplus Equipment

    We provide removal of electronic equipment inventory

  • Data Sanitation

    We provide secure sanitation powered by Techmore

  • Reporting

    We provide electronic reporting that is hard drive specific about sanitation status and methods

  • Reloading

    We provide options to install Microsoft Windows as a Windows Authorized OEM Distributor, or other software as requested

  • Refurbishing

    We provide the ability to rejuvenate equipment within the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Guidelines

  • Redistribute

    We provide a service to the community through our redistribution of quality equipment that has been donated to EAF and put to testing of existing Microsoft and DBan standards. We also offer a portion or equipment for sale on open markets to help cover operation costs.


When you donate to EAF you are keeping one less computer or cell phone from being thrown in a landfill. EAF works to remanufacture all items that it receives to guarantee a new home for someone in need.

Not only will you be saving the earth, you will be earning valuable tax credits for yourself or your organization. Unlike other recyclers who pay cents on the pound, our team will give fair market value for items donated. This will significantly increase the value of your items.

Help EAF Give back to the community by donating your cell phones, computers, and laptops. If you have recently upgraded equipment or have spare items around the office, please donate today. Items received will be distributed to those in need.

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