Volunteer Ryan McFadden has been nominated to the Steering Committee of The Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse (AFTRR)

The team at EAF is proud to announce that our Ryan McFadden has been nominated to the Steering Committee of The Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse (AFTRR)
Speaking with Ryan about the nomination, he explained “This is an exciting time we are living in technologically, the innovation of computer technology is speeding up year over year, at the same time companies are pushing for upgrades to newer computer equipment each year, due to higher business demand for faster results.”
For companies like EAF, this situation is good news. What EAF does best is to grade the equipment that is brought in, then via their own “Computer Remarketing Service” the computer equipment is scrubbed of existing data, reformatted and ready for its newly refurbished life. Any equipment that is inoperable or past its useful life, it is salvaged for parts and then environmentally recycled.The entire process is a lot of manual labor for the EAF team which includes picking up the equipment at the client location, transportation to the computer remarketing warehouse where it is processed and then stored.
The end result is a win win for the EAF clients that are businesses that need to get rid of their old equipment via a donation and tax deduction, and also for individuals and families in need that could benefit from a computer that has plenty of life in it for simple tasks such as email and web browsing. This opportunity has put EAF in a very good position for growth.

The Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse (AFTRR) consists of a growing number of nonprofit technology refurbishers seeking to increase the awareness of the contributions of their organizations, individually and collectively, to a wide range of populations in need.
Below is their Mission:

  • AFTRR seeks to establish a common national voice for all such organizations as well as affiliate organizations who stand to benefit directly or indirectly from an increase in the volume and availability of low cost and no cost computers for their respective populations.
  • AFTRR members seek to influence legislation and decision making to the extent that all computers leaving their first life be given the opportunity for refurbishment prior to recycling and destruction.
  • AFTRR seeks to develop a nationwide system of nonprofit refurbishers, thus offering industries and corporations of all sizes a single method for disposal of their still operating technology.
  • AFTRR member organizations vary widely in size, organizational model, populations served, staffing and related resources. Regardless of these parameters, each was established under a similar set of circumstances and targets the elimination of the Digital Divide as their ultimate goal.
  • AFTRR is a project of the National Cristina Foundation, a 501c3 established over thirty years ago and charged with the mission to promote technology reuse and encourage the donation of technology to nonprofit and school NCF partners throughout the country.
  • Support the non-profit refurbishing and reuse community to provide low-cost or free technology to those in need.
  • AFTRR builds a community among non-profit technology refurbishers through collaboration, advocacy, and promotion of best practices.

See our Listing on the AFTRR Site Below:

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