Computer Reach and Google to co-host technology recycling conference

Computer Reach and Google to co-host technology recycling conference

As an organization, this is a huge step forward in our mission. The EAF team will be in attendance for this meeting and we will post a recap and pictures after the event!

Pittsburgh computer technology refurbisher and recycler Computer Reach and Google will co-host a meeting for the members of The Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse (AFTRR) a national organization comprised of technology recyclers interested in in erasing the digital divide.

The two-day meeting is scheduled for Sunday evening, June 4th and all day Monday, June 5th, 2017. This format was chosen to encourage as many AFTRR members as possible to attend. All AFTRR members are non-profits and some are small and/or comprised of volunteers.

During the conference attendees will learn about refurbishing for reuse and will be able to experience the latest news from industry insiders, both from Google and from AFTRR members on best practices.

While several members are in contact with each other regularly, this convening represents the first gathering of the AFTRR members in the same place to share common experiences and to benefit from each other’s wisdom.

Dave Sevick, Computer Reach founder and Executive Director, is excited by the opportunity this meeting presents and grateful that the staff at Google was willing to co-host the event.

“We joined AFTRR about one year ago and have been pleased not only with what we have learned from others in the same business as we, but we have also been delighted with the group’s willingness to share ideas and contacts. After all, we are all striving to accomplish the same things – to put technology in the hands of people who need it and may not able to afford it!”.

The Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse (AFTRR) consists nonprofit technology refurbishers seeking to provide computers to a wide range of populations in need. AFTRR seeks to establish a common national voice for organizations dedicated to providing low cost and no cost computers for their respective populations.

AFTRR members seek to influence legislation and decision making so that donated computers are given a second life by putting them to use by those who need them.

AFTRR seeks to develop a nationwide system of nonprofit refurbishers, thus offering industries and corporations of all sizes a single method for disposal of their still operating technology. AFTRR members all target the elimination of the Digital Divide as their ultimate goal.

AFTRR is a project of the National Cristina Foundation, a 501c3 established over thirty years ago and charged with the mission to promote technology reuse and encourage the donation of technology to nonprofit and school NCF partners throughout the country.

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