Central Jersey nonprofit donates computers during holidays

Ryan McFadden, volunteer of EAF, said a lot of what happens has come from the help of volunteers, like Greg Campbell, who handles logistics and operations for EAF, and Alicia Podlaski, board member and resident of Branchburg, who organized the donation.Some of EAF’s recipients include the Puerto Rican Action Board in New Brunswick, Simuel Whitfield Simmons Organization, Middle Earth, United Way of Northern New Jersey and a Hurricane Sandy resource center that they donated to during the storm.

EAF also pushed an initiative where the nonprofit donated 100 computers in 100 days.In 2015, the Boys and Girls Club of Union County received 10 computers from EAF. Russell Triolo, the CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of Union County, said that the donation “means everything” to the club and its kids. To make a donation or to learn more about the work of EAF, visit www.e-acess.org.

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