What Do You Do With My Stuff Once It’s Donated?

First step is to separate the units out on a per donor basis to keep things organized. We then take a group of laptops and they are data sanitized using Blancco or DBAN. DBAN a popular open source sanitizing solution with recently had its right purchased by Blancco the world’s largest proprietary sanitizing solution provider. Once the unit is confirmed data sanitized/wiped we can then identify what hardware it has and what use will be the best use for it.

*If the unit is having difficulty with the drive for any reason and it’s deemed necessary to recycle it we removed the logic board, which can be recycled due to rare minerals and should not be buried. We then take remaining pieces to R2 recyclers.

Any laptop that has a Pentium 4 cpu or faster we are almost always able to redistribute in one way or another. We can use them as donation machines to local nonprofits or charities, or we can sell them at highly discounted prices to help support operational costs. The important thing is the units are not discarded or recycled simply because of when they were produced.

Once it is determined to be a donation, it will be loaded with Windows 7 professional for donation using Microsoft specific OEM distributor guidelines and repair guidelines, or Windows 7 Home Premium for consumers. Once the unit is fully loaded we run through a series of tests to ensure everything is working as expected, at that point the donated machine is ready for distribution.