Electronic Access Foundation Inc. (EAF) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization established for the purpose of donating surplus electronic equipment to other qualified charitable organizations in need.

EAF obtains donations through partnership with corporations, universities, and organizations by offering them an alternative to recycling of their surplus electronic equipment. In return for their donations, EAF offers these corporations, universities, and organizations:

  • Tax deduction for the fair market value of equipment
  • Removal of the equipment at no cost
  • Secure data sanitation at no cost, including hard drive-specific electronic reporting

We are dedicated to the reuse of the surplus electronic equipment, as opposed to the recycling as waste, as a commitment to the community and environment. EAF is able to offer the same services as an IT asset recovery company while making sure the community at large will benefit from the material being donated..

Paperwork link below has printable copies of all pertinent information
Representation Of Ability To Perform (PDF)