Tax Deductions for Individuals and Businesses!

We are giving tax credits for your cell phones and tablets! We partner with consumers and business nationwide. If you have an extra cell phone around the house, or your business has recently upgraded, we will give you a fair market value tax credit for donating your cell phone or tablet.

Cell Phone Donations Business Tax Credit

We partner with businesses nationwide. We give tax credits for large inventories of cell phones and tablets that companies no longer use. Typically a company upgrades their employee’s electronics on a yearly basis. We work with these companies to help properly recycle their used electronics and give tax credits for doing so. We want to help you stay green, as well, as give your cell phones and tablets a second life to those in need.

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Contact us today to find out how EAF can help your charity or to learn more about donating computers. We are always happy to hear from members of the community.

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